Nine safety tips every mother should be aware of

Nine  Safety Tips Every aware of Mother Should be aware of.

Hello there, this is Goke Akingbade ( your Safety Guide) here again with another interesting topic to ponder over. We will be discussing on Safety tips that mothers should know.

Some mothers usually end up fending for themselves and their children.They remain scared and worried about any harm that might come to their babies, so it’s important to ensure safety measures.

Choking or falling are potential baby injuries that can be avoided by following a few rules. Here are some things you need to know to put all potential threatening instances at bay:

1. Remote Control/Toy Batteries: Seal battery compartments of toys and remote controls with tape, including desk clocks, toys and battery-operated toothbrushes; any object that runs on batteries.

2. Purses: Never plop purses close to infants. Do away with the chance of allowing toddlers to reach over for medications, breath mints and coins.

3. Tipping: Prevent the accidental tipping over of gadgets such computers and coffee pots by taking care of proper placement and cord and cable management.

4. Window Blocks: Ensure to prevent children from getting close to windows as they might be dangerous. Bookcases and other tall pieces of furniture should be properly bolted to the wall.

5. Gym Bags and Outerwear: Never allow childre  to get near them as they may contain things like coins or locker keys that may cause injury. Always keep them properly stored.

6. Grapes and Olives: Be wary of children picking grapes and olives up as they might accidentally put them in their mouth or nose. They may choke or obstruct their nasal passage.

7. Vacuum Outlet Covers: Go for swivel outlet covers rather than plastic ones as they are not really safe and pose a choking risk. Never leave any kind of plastic bag lying around.

8. Toilets: Ensure to monitor children in the bathroom for fear of drowning in toilets, bathtubs or buckets. Accidents have happened and it’s best to close them shut.

9. Cat and Dog Litter: Toddlers, by nature, are very curious and it’s best to teach them to be away from pet food and pet faeces. Also ensure they stay away from the litter and trash can.

This is where I will have to stop for today, so till I come your way again, this is Goke Akingbade wishing a safe week ahead.


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