The Benefits of a Positive Safety Culture.

The Benefits of a Positive Safety Culture.
Hello there, this is Goke Akingbade ( your Safety Guide),here with another interesting point of discussion. We will be discussing about Safety culture, and the benefits that are derived in Organizations imbibing a positive Safety culture. Firstly let us find out what a Safety culture is.
A Safety culture refers to the way safety issues are addressed in a workplace.
The culture of an organisation has a profound effect on the way people behave. If you want safe behaviour, you need to have a safe culture.

The issue is that employers,supervisors cannot just tell subordinates to behave more safely and expect it to happen. All sorts of things about how an organisation works will affect the way people behave: It has been observed through research that a high amount of accident is largely due to unsafe behaviour of workers.

Workers generally think focusing on speed or efficiency rather than safety is more likely to get them a promotion since operational targets or deadlines given by their supervisors have to be met.
They think considering safety is a sign of weakness
They are reluctant to wear protective equipment because no-one else seems to.
If their boss doesn’t value safety, they don’t see why they should either. People will generally follow visible safety leadership and supervision displayed overtime by their supervisors.
They think that pointing out a colleague’s unsafe behaviour is tantamount to being disloyal to such a colleague.
Listed below are some factors that are yardsticks in determining the safety culture of an organization.
You cannot change the way people feel and think about safety overnight. It is a gradual process that takes time.It takes a change in your organisation’s culture. In a positive safety culture, people are encouraged to put safety first and identify ways to improve safety.

Understanding the different attitudes, perceptions, beliefs and values is the first step towards stimulating a change in safety culture.
Line managers need to first buy into occupational safety has a business improvement strategy just as Operations and Marketing are drivers in business ventures. Safety leadership from line managers will motivate workers in general. Workers need to know that the management they work for care about them.
So till I come your way again, this is Goke Akingbade ( your Safety guide) signing off for now.
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