Hello there,this is Goke Akingbade ( your Safety guide) here with another thought provoking topic on health and safety. Today, we will be considering ” back pain”.                                                                                                 This ailment affects alot of adults. Eighty percent of adults will experience low back pain during their lifetime. Let us take a look at the anatomy of the back
1. The bones of the spine
2. The joints
3. Vertebral discs that separate the back bones
4. The ligaments and muscles
There are various causes of low back pain. These are listed below:
(i) Poor posture: maintaining an awkward or poor posture can lead to muscular fatigue,and compressions in the joint.e.g Slouching in front of television or sitting in an awkward position while typing on computer system. etc.
(ii) Muscle strain and sprain: These are caused by twisting, improper lifting, injury due to falls etc. This is as a result of irritation of the muscles and ligaments around the spine.
(iii) Muscle spasms: This refers to involuntary movement of muscles without control over it.

(a) A stressful work life and lifestyle.
(b) Prolonged poor body posture.
(c) Loss of flexibility.
(d) Frustration
(e) Depression

1. Heavy Lifting:When a heavy load is lifted repetitively over a long period of time.
2. Twisting at the waist while lifting a heavy load: this usually occurs while using a shovel.
3. Reaching overhead and lifting: when one reaches above ones head across a table.
4. Working in an awkward position: this involves a job task that requires the worker to bend over for long periods of time.
5. Standing or sitting in a position for too long: this is inherent especially when faced in traffic or for people working in an office environment whose job tasks entails sitting for long. e.g Receptionist, secretary. etc.
6. Slips and falls
7. Car accidents
8.Sporting injuries. This is where we will be stopping for today, till I come your way again, please stay save.




4 thoughts on “BACK PAIN

  1. Unfortunate to know how common back injuries are.

    1. Back pain is a very common injury that affects alot of people especially adults

      1. Very true. I for one have a loved one who is going though that issue and suffering greatly because of it. Hopefully the campaign will help

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