Hello there, this is your Goke Akingbade (Safety Guide) bringing you another juicy topic on health and safety. Today we will be discussing on what is known as permit to work or work permit in occupational safety.

A permit to work is a formal written document used to control certain kinds of work that are potentially hazardous. It specifies the work to be done and the precaution s to be adhered.


The permit to work form must help communication between everyone involved. It should be designed by the company issuing the work permit, taking into account individual site conditions and requirements.  Separate permit forms may be needed for different job tasks such as hot work and work at height, work done on scaffold, entry into confined space  so that enough emphasis will be given to the specific hazards present and the respective control measures put in place.

The essential elements of a permit to work form are listed below:

  1. Permit Title.
  2. Work permit number, reference to other relevant permits.
  3. Job location.
  4. Plant identification.
  5. Description of work to be done and its limitations.
  6. Hazard Identification: this includes hazards introduced by the work and residual hazards.
  7. Necessary precaution.
  8. Personal protective equipment.
  9. Authorisation: signatures confirming that isolations have been made and control measures put in place.
  10. Acceptance: signature confirming proper understanding of work to be carried out, the hazards present and the control measures required.
  11. Handover procedures.

For a clearer Illustration, a sample permit to work form is shown below

permit to work form

permit to work form

So until I come your way again, it is Goke Akingbade wishing you a great weekend ahead.

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